Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bill Mitchell - European Commission major conference – Jobs for Europe

Quoted from Bill Mitchell's blog
"The European Commission is holding its – Jobs for Europe: The Employment Policy Conference – next week in Brussels (September 6-7, 2012).
The Conference site says:
The conference will build on the Employment Package put forward by the Commission on 18 April and on the outcomes of the 2012 European Semester, but also on a series of conferences which the Commission organised during 2011 in order to explore new dimensions of employment policy, notably regarding the functioning of European labour markets, wage developments, flexicurity in a crisis context, and inequalities.
One of the five main topics is “Pathways to full employment: job guarantee, social economy, welfare to work”.
I have been invited to lead a discussion on the Job Guarantee – which as regular readers will know – is a pet topic and something I first started working on in 1978 as an honours student (fourth-year undergraduate).
The EC has prepared this document – Issues paper: Job guarantee – Concept and implementation – to inform the session I am presenting. It is an excellent sign that the EC is now considering core Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) ideas to be of sufficient merit to include as one of the main topics of this major European conference.
The draft program is available HERE.
While attendance at the Conference is “by invitation only” it will “be web streamed live”. When I know more details I will announce them here."